Company » Vision

Over the centuries, the world of Islamic and Oriental art and its grandeur and beauty, has had a majestic global impact, one that for years to come will continue to flourish in a whole host of different ways, and through different forums.

Whilst preserving the essence of Islamic and Oriental art, Mim-Art aims to build upon the foundations of its treasures and splendor and take it a step further. Mim-Art thus introduces an East-West fusion, which integrates the traditional heritage with, not only the practicality of today's life, but also the different techniques of the modern world and the different tastes of the modern consumer.

Mim-Art strives to incorporate the work of a diverse range of highly qualified and skilled professionals covering a broad spectrum of creative backgrounds. This includes interior designers, architects, graphic designers and craftsmen, who will combine their research, knowledge, technical expertise and creative thinking. Mim-Art will cater to a whole host of different customer specifications and demands, utilising skills across the board, and working in detail with each project from the conception to its final implementation.

With an impressive range of projects and experience to add to an already impressive background, Asiye Kafalier, the founder of Mim-Art, has created a company that does nothing less than translate dreams into reality.